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Your tailor-made logistic solution.

We are a logistics company specialized in the international transport sector; we provide tailor-made solutions for all customers, both for companies that are entering foreign trade for the first time, and for large companies with already consolidated logistics activities.

Prompt , Proactive and
Professional: 3 key values of our way of doing logistics.


It is a fundamental aspect in the relationship between us and our customers. We start from the idea that there are no unnecessary questions and that the world of international shipping contains various critical issues, being in continuous and rapid evolution. We want to re-evaluate the professionalism of logistics operators by providing advice as quickly, fully and transparently as possible. This is why we have created 2Blog, a collection of articles and ideas on various aspects of the logistics sector (and not only) that is constantly updated.


We are different in the shipping sector, we provide tailor-made solutions for all customers and agents, both for those approaching foreign trade for the first time, and for those who already have a structured and consolidated logistics operation. We firmly believe that every customer has different needs and objectives, to achieve which you need suitable tools. It is not just about moving goods from one place to another, but about enhancing your products around the world.


Given that the focal point of everything is price and service, our goal is to provide a wide range of solutions evaluated together with the customer. We ensure extremely rapid responses and are always available for a comparison. We believe that the prices must be understandable, complete and must not hide unexpected costs.


In a world increasingly focused on technology, it is our commitment to provide all the tools to allow customers to quickly and easily get hold of every document related to the shipment. As 2Log we operate with our policies, issued directly in our offices, to speed up each procedure as much as possible: from sending for inspection, to printing and, if necessary, to any changes. Another aspect that we consider fundamental is the correct completion of customs procedures. This allows you not to run into problems with the tax authorities and facilitates the work of the administrative departments. The close relationship with licensed customs operators guarantees us to be able to work in every port of Italy, always providing the most suitable solutions for the most varied needs.


Containers, planes, flexitanks or complete trucks, it doesn’t matter! Our interest is to allow you to focus on the production and promotion of your goods, to take away the tasks and distractions that belong to what must be a logistics partner, not just a supplier. Shipping is not the conclusion of the sale of the product but a fundamental aspect that increases its value and therefore must be carefully looked after by professionals in the sector. Logistics, often seen as a nuisance, can instead be an opportunity to improve information, connections and efficiency.

Problem solving

The management of the entire international shipping chain is a very complex activity, even if it is often underestimated. The problems can be many and can arise at any stage and involve very different subjects. There is a lot of difference between dealing with a customs or port authority, rather than with a foreign agent. We believe that constant assistance is required that allows for a quick and satisfactory resolution and can avoid or limit any extra costs or inefficiencies. Timeliness, combined with our skills is fundamental: we provide the customer with the most varied means of contact with our experts.




Quick answers and efficient solutions.

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Shipping 2.0

Whatsapp, Skype, Wechat, and any technology to provide instant support.

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Logistics Outsourcing

An essential tool to reduce costs and allow the company to concentrate resources on its core-business or other activities with greater added value.


Greater attention to the environmental impact of our work.

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